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The majority of my clients don't have time to shop or they just don't have any sort of inclination. For those clients I call on them in their offices, or if they prefer, I'll take their measurements and work with their significant other. This simplifies the process and makes it as painless as possible. That is another advantage to having a store without walls.

John Philbeck


Duplication of Favorite Wardrobe Items

I can create replicas of your favorite pieces of clothing or most comfortable items in your current closet.

Styling Suggestions

Recommend styles that will be flattering.

Wardrobe Evaluations

I'll tell you what you need to keep and what you need to pitch.

Fashion Awareness

Keep you abreast of fashion changes.

Wardrobe Guidance

Recommendations based on casual or professional wardrobe needs.

Personal Style Development

Help you project your personality.

Wardrobe Consultations

Recommendations for colors and patterns that will be the most flattering for your body type, skin color, hair color, and eye color.

Digital Wardrobe Coordination

Photograph & laminate your selections so you can remember what goes with what.

Wardrobe Advisement

I suggest when to add what.

Packing and Travel Tips

What to pack customized to the trip and what to look for and avoid during travel.

Color Advisement

Suggest colors that will project a healthy, vigorous image.

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